The British Broadcasting Corporation, The Bbc

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I. Situation Analysis The British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, is one of the oldest broadcasting stations dating back to January of 1922. The company’s headquarters is located in London with over thirty-thousand employees. Since the BBC is one of the oldest and largest corporations, it has ruled the broadcasting field since its foundation. In fact, it is so prestigious that its total income was £5 billion (£5.066 billion) which is superior to the majority of broadcasting companies (BBC 's 2013/14 Annual Report). The BBC has set precedent that many other companies have followed. Stu Woo, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, states that, “In the past century, the British Broadcasting Corp. has comforted a nation during World War II’s blitzes, covered the globe via its far-flung news operations and entertained with exports like ‘Monty Python’ and ‘The Office’” (Woo, 2016). Although it has been such a highly respected and profitable corporation for so long, the BBC has recently developed consequential problems that could be detrimental to the company. II. Problem or Opportunity Description The BBC is dealing with several different complications, including: government removal of subsidies, new technology, heavy competition, and dishonorable scandals. All of these problems will contribute to decreased profits and viewers because they will negatively affect the BBC’s reputation. Woo reports that, “Britain’s right-of-center Conservative government also is phasing out a
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