The British Empire : A Successful And Powerful Country

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Great Britain is a very successful and powerful country. The country has had a long history of domination over other countries. The British Empire used to be referred to as the empire in which the sun never set. Although it isn 't as powerful as it used to be, it still left a large influence on most of the world. Unlike The Spanish Empire which failed to maintain its control the English empire managed to keep control of the globe. By 1921 The English Empire managed to have a total population of 470-570 million people under its empire. The British Empire has been tracked back to originate in the middle Ages. The empire made its first conquest in 1172 in an attempt to conquer Ireland and France during the Hundred Years ' War (Atlas of British Empire). Great Britain set on a conquest to discover most of the world to claim the land as their own. The British Empire, at its peak, was a golden age of its own due to the mass exploration they set out. The British Empire set out after the remains of the Spanish empire, which before the English, was the most powerful empire in the world. The English Empire at its birth was under the rule of King Henry VIII. King Henry made and integrated the new and Improved English navy. Although his father, who was also King prior to Henry, set out plans for a navy long before Henry. Henry took the plans and modernized them to fit in with the times of weapons and armor. Henry made the super vessel which contained long range guns, new docks, and

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