The British Empire and Colonization

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When a mighty imperial power adds a new territory to their already enormous empire; the new territory must be pacified in order to control the people of the newly annexed land. Colonization, in which the colonizer introduces new ideas to the native people, results in a culture being nearly wiped from the face of earth. A prime example is found in the Algonquin language of Mesquakie, (a language spoken only by somewhere around 1000 people). The reason this ancient language is in such bad shape is due to the racism expressed by the Caucasian people in the process of colonization. Chinua Achebe clearly demonstrates the harmful effects colonization has on Umuofia in the book Things Fall Apart, a novel about a man named Okonkwo and the changes he experiences during the British colonization of his home :Umuofia, the British forces western education, Christianity, and their court system upon the Igbo people which in return severely damages their culture. In the novel Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe demonstrates how the education of Igbo children, the religion; Christianity and the new court system imposed upon the native Igbo people results with severe damages to their culture which escalates to the death of the beloved main character Okonkwo as well as the near disappearance of their culture.
Through planting ideas of Christianity into the offspring of the natives, the missionaries can denounce the traditional beliefs of Umuofia. By doing this, they prevent the offspring from
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