The British Government And The European Union

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The British government is the process of negotiating reforms before it holds a referendum about whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union or withdraw. While reforms are demanded publicly in four areas, there are issues behind those demands that are seldom pronounced openly.

The demand for change in economic governance, competitiveness, immigration and sovereignty have been already put in the public domain. In economic governmance, London does not want to concede more powers to Brussels, to join the euro and to be part of the ever closer union in Europe.

Britain believes that excessive regulation by Brussels has reduced European, particularly British competitiveness. Therefore it would like to see the European Union 's power to regulate diminished. It also wants to exercise greater control over its border and impose certain restrictions on the welfare payment to new migrants in Britain from Europen Union members. And it wants to return some of the powers to the British parliament that were conceded to the union.

The British cabinet, businesses, and people are divided on the issue. The division in the cabinet is so deep that Prime Minister Cameron, who supports remaining in a reformed EU, has allowed his ministers to choose their side without the fear of losing their jobs. For instance, the foreign secretary support Cameron 's position while the defence secretary doe not.

Although most businesses seem to support staying in the European Union, a minority
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