The British Of American Liberty Destruction

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Lizbetth Bribiesca Mr. Haro History109 online 03 March 2016 Liberty destruction It was once believed that the British plotted in destroying American liberty. The British imperial crisis helped in the development to the explosion of tensions within American society. The imperial crisis encouraged a range of parties with included tenants, slaves, artisans, and women even those who loved the Crown and in part the of the definition of liberty, which means the condition or state of people who then are able to act and speak freely or the power to choose what they want to do and have no limitation to themselves or despotic government or control, in whole new ideas. Some things that led the way to the independence of the United States of America…show more content…
The act required that all kinds of printed publishing’s be produced in the colonies such as newspapers, books, court documents, commercial paper, land deeds almanacs to carry a stamp purchased from authorizes” (Foner, “Give Me Liberty!” 179). This was the first time that the British empire demanded for a direct tax as opposed the external tax on The Americas 13 colonies. The new tax was imposed on all American colonists and it the act required that all printed-paper used an embossed revenue stamp. The main reason for this was to help with the payment of the troops stationed in American after the British won the Seven Years’ War and believed that the colonists should help with the debt since the war was mainly to help defend them. Another act was the Sugar Act also known as the American Revenue Act. The sugar Act was passed by Parliament of the British to raise the income from the 13 colonies in the Americas. The act set a tax on sugar in which the British tried to convert the right of trail by the jury in which the colonist’s leaders feared of. The colonial leaders wanted themselves to be free to govern themselves as they have been doing long before the British came to dictate them. In 1764 the Sugar Act put a tax on oversea refined sugar and heightened taxes on such things like wine, molasses, coffee and the printed calico. The British could have defeated
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