The British Of The Slave Trade

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The attempt to end the slave trade brought the British into conflict with elite African slave traders. The British anticipated conflict therefore their efforts to abolish the slave trade in the city of Lagos are minimal. The British instead used features of domestic slavery to justify their approach to it, and created policies. Rather, the British used the anti-slavery movement to have an informal control the city of Lagos. For the simple fact that the city of Lagos was an economic center in the Western Coast of Africa. As well as the British thought that with the abolishment of the slave trade would allow for Africans to have better access to British goods. It reveals that the British wanted Africans to buy British goods that…show more content…
In the conflict over the abolition of slavery, the British feared losing control of the native population if the followed their policy of abolishing slavery. The British knew that this was a very difficult decision because they wanted to “satisfy…[their] the sense of justice and [being] the master at the same time.” The British wanted to have control of the native population, however, that would not be achieved if they abolished domestic slavery. Colonial authorities formed a view of slavery because they wanted to minimize risk, but at the same time, they also knew that they had to justify their own colonial practices towards the natives of Lagos. The British walked a very fine line between what their government policy and attempting to avoid conflict with the native population. They also had to justify their own colonial treatment of the native’s population. In eighteen fifty-one, the British believed that their ability “intervene…[was] beyond “persuasion, negotiation and other peaceful means.” This reveals that the British know what they were doing was wrong. However, the wealth of Lagos contrasted British actions for the fact that they have taken the city to create wealth for Britain through the city itself. They wanted to continue to have this wealth otherwise there was no reason to colonize the city or region. They knew that the geographical location of the city was a place for
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