The British Petroleum Company Plc

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The British Petroleum Company plc (BP) is one of the five largest oil companies in the world today. It is United Kingdom’s largest corporation. BP discovered oil in Iran before World War I. By the mid 1990’s it produced over 1.5 million cubic feet of natural gas every day. It has more than 16,400 service stations around the world. It is an integrated oil and gas company. The company provides its customers fuel used in transportation, petrochemical products that are used in making paints, clothes, packaging and other everyday items and energy for heat and light. The company has the following three major business operation segments: 1. Upstream 2. Downstream 3. Rosneft Upstream: This segment is involved in oil and gas exploration, field development, production, transportation, storage and processing. It also includes marketing and trading of natural gas, liquefied natural gas. The segment spreads across 28 countries. The company uses technologies , such as seismic imaging, enhanced oil recovery and real-time data to support its upstream activities. Downstream: This segment is involved in the product and service delivery segment of BP. It focuses on refining and marketing of fuels, lubricants and petrochemicals. Rosneft: Bp invested in Rosneft, an oil company in Russia. It is managed as a separate segment by the company. Rosneft is a producer of hydrocarbon. It owns and operates ten refineries in Russia. It owns more than 2500 retail service stations in Russia and is engaged
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