The British Political System

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It is well known that the British political system is one of the oldest political systems in the world. Obviously, it was formed within the time. The United Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the constitutional monarchy, providing stability, continuity and national focus. The monarch is the head of state, but only Parliament has the right to create and undertake the legislation. The basis of the United Kingdom’s political system is a parliamentary democracy. Therefore, people think the role of the Queen as worthless and mainly unnecessarily demanding for funding, but is it like that? The present monarch of the Great Britain is the Queen Elizabeth the Second, who came into power after the death of her father the King…show more content…
The Royal Assent turns a Bill into an Act of Parliament, allowing it to become law in the UK. Although, the Queen has right to encourage and warn his ministers in regular meetings with the Prime Minister, her role in adopting legislation is purely formal. Furthermore, it is unlikely that the Queen would refuse to accept the bills supported and adopted within the European Union. However, it is possible in case of occurrence of a constitutional crisis. If we think about the example, that the Lords would reject the European Union treaty due to remarkable reasons and the government would push it through regardless, then the Queen might refuse to consent. In this particular moment, the Queen due to her position in Parliament could intervene and refuse to give royal assent. Convention defines the Constitutional Position of the Crown. The monarch as the formal head of Government has the significant powers, which are called the “Royal Prerogative.” Firstly, she assents to Bills passed by Parliament, on the advice of Ministers. Secondly, giving audiences to Ministers, at which Her Majesty may be consulted, encourage and warn. Thirdly, opening each new session of Parliament. Lastly, proroguing or dissolving Parliament before a general election. The Opening of Parliament takes place on the first day of the new session of parliament shortly after the
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