The British Raj : India

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The British Raj colonized India in an organized fashion while utilizing its ‘luxury, wealth and pleasure’ regardless of the fact that, that was only true in rare situations. The majority of the time the British Raj confronted political confusion, revolts and extreme racism towards both British and Indian people; these conflicts subdued with the common stereotype that India was a realm of spice, wealth, and glory. Suggesting the British Raj was beneficial to the Indian subcontinent would be an indistinct opposition. To learn why the British Raj was detrimental to the Indian subcontinent, one must first learn what the British Raj is and its history. The period of dominion of the British Raj lasted from 1858 to 1958. The British Raj separated India into the notorious ‘princely states’, where certain royalties under the British Crown ruled. Queen Victoria, crowned, in 1876, the ‘Empress of India’ since the British East India company transferred power to her. In an attempt to give a representative voice to all Indians the Indian National Congress, established in 1885, which consisted of a group of middle-class scholars, some of which were British, became the voice of Indian opinion to the British Government. This later became the precursor of the Congress Party. In 1894 Gandhi drafted the petition fighting the indentured servant system, six months later, Great Britain ceased the indentured servant program within India. In 1920 Gandhi creates the idea of ‘satyagraha’ which is a…
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