The British 's Involvement During The 1947-1948 War Of Independence Essay

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Chenika Bukes
Over 20,000 people were murdered during the 1947-1948 War of Independence. The British 's involvement in the conflict during the 1910 's-1940 's is responsible for those deaths through a narrative of events in the upcoming years to the war. The British fuelled the Arab-Israeli conflict by antagonising the Palestinian Arabs, by sentencing the Jewish people to death and by beginning the 1947-1948 Mandatory Palestine war of independence. The Arab-Israeli conflict roughly began with 'minor ' disagreements and altercations since the late 19th century up until present day. Whenever the British got involved in the conflict, something seemed to go wrong. The Arabs were antagonised by the British when the McMahon agreement was not seen through. The White paper, commissioned by the British, created "a death sentence for the Jewish people"- Dr.Weizmann (1939, June), and when the British withdrew from the conflict a series of events led to the 1947-1948 war of independence.
The McMahon Agreement was constituted on the 24th of October 1915 between the Meccans and the British. Upon the rise of Arab nationalism, the Arabs (Meccans) pursued independence from the Ottoman Empire. Amir Abdullah, son of Hussein Bin Ali the Sharif of Mecca, visited the British general consul in Egypt in February of 1914. His incentive was to verify that the British will recognise Arab independence if they support the British in war with purpose to abdicate the Ottoman Turks. Then in 1917 the…
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