The Broad Field Of Developmental Psychology Is The Life Span Of Dyslexia

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The topic of discussion related primarily to the broad field of developmental psychology is the life span of dyslexia. Reasoning for why this topic is so controversial can range from speculation on the impact of media on many people to researchers arguing that there really is no definitive and accurate way of determining the reasoning for it. In order to fully address the symptoms and reasoning over time on dyslexia in this research paper, I will present multiple findings that can pin point what dyslexia really is and how it came about. Prior to doing my research on this topic, I was inclined to believe that there was a cure for the symptoms that were known as signs of dyslexia. However, my thoughts about this issue changed quickly as I realized there were none – it is something you just have to work with. This word was used in different ways throughout articles written on the topic which is why I will give a brief introduction of the word and meaning before going into analysis of data presented by researchers who claim to be able to accurately predict this rising phenomenon of dyslexia. We all probably have a general idea of what the word dyslexia means as it has embedded into our psyche since the time we realized the true concept of the word and its value to our lives. The term dyslexia derives mainly from the Greek roots ‘dys’ meaning difficult and ‘lexia’ meaning reading (Elliott, & Grigorenko, 2014). The word appeared to be used in the area of psychology when Freud

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