The Broadstripe Service Guarantee

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Prof. Howard Muchnick
Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management in partial fulfillment for the requirements for HTH 102 Service and Professionalism

October 31st, 2013

Ryerson University

The Broadstripe Service Guarantee Customer service is an important factor to increase sales in almost all industries. Broadstripe, a small provider of cable, Internet, and phone services saw it as a solution to increase sales as their company was filed for bankruptcy protection in early 2009. To improve the customer service experience, Tony Lent, Chief Commercial Officer at Broadstripe, launched a 60-day MBG offering
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To the old customers, it would increase their confidence toward the company and encourages them to continue to try the product. Lastly, sales would automatically increase and the market would expand due to the high demand of the service. The design and communication of Broadstripe’s service guarantee is well-designed. The company invested significantly into upgrading its network, overhauling customer service, and implementing a number of customer-focused initiatives (Wirtz, Chew, & Lovelock, 2012). Also, Tamara Shelman, Senior Vice President of Customer Care, and her team decided to dramatically increase staffing levels, extend call center hours, and require all service representatives to undergo extensive training (Wirtz, Chew, & Lovelock, 2012). It is obvious that Broadstripes has made improvement efforts to create top-quality customer service experience. Aside from communication, the design of the 60-day MBG allows Broadstripes to identify and focus on closing service quality gaps (Wirtz, Chew, & Lovelock, 2012). It enables Broadstripes to solve identify and solve the problem quicker. I would not suggest any changes or modifications to the guarantee to make it more acceptable to their customers as Broadstripes has already made huge improvements to their service. The guarantee can be successful in creating a culture for service excellence within Broadstripes if the customer service remains consistent. The elements in

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