The Broadway Cafe - Case Study Essay

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The Broadway Café - Case Study eBusiness Component by Sridevi Veluru Shiva Kajipuram Class: Computers in Commerce - CSCI 660 Prof. Ken Grenier Knowledge Area 1: Business Dilemma - Project Focus How do you respond to anonymous posting? Our Response to the customer’s post: “Thanks for your time and we appreciate you for bringing your concern to our attention. We understand your concern expressed in your post and we truly apologize for any inconvenience caused. However, you need to understand that ours is a family business and we strive to serve our community better and so we encourage our customers to bring their children, grandchildren to our children’s story hour. Regarding the concern, you have raised, we are currently evaluating various options and we may consider introducing a separate lounge area with pleasant ambience while keeping it away from the children play area while children can play and enjoy their story telling hour. We hope you as our valuable customer will understand. Thank you for your cooperation and patience for allowing us to serve our customers better.” Is the customer’s viewpoint ethical? We think that the customer’s viewpoint is unethical. However, customers have right to express their opinions and concerns. But we as a family business serving for more than 60 years, always strive to serve our community better and children are a part of it and so they are welcome too. In order to best comfort all our customers, we are planning to

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