The Broken Child From A Broken American Dream

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A Broken Child from a Broken American Dream Lack of father-son relationship and poverty often has a great impact on the child’s development. “Drown” is written about a Dominican Republic family struggling to find the American Dream but destroys the family in the process. Yunior the main character of the short story collection has a struggle growing up with the on and off relationship with his father and the lifestyle of poverty. This essay demonstrates that Junot Diaz’s short story collection “Drown” highlights how an unhealthy father-son relationship and poverty can have a detrimental effect on a young boy 's development and transition into manhood. It speaks to how Yunior’s life changes drastically because of his fathers on and off relationship not only with Yunior but the whole family and how poverty may have also had a great impact on the type of lifestyle Yunior practices. It 's not uncommon for a child without a father to grow up in difficult circumstances. “Boys growing up without fathers seem especially prone to exhibit problems in the areas of sex-role and gender-identity development, school performance, psychosocial adjustment, and control of aggression.” (Cabrera 148-152) Yunior often think of how life was without his father, even though he remembers very little from when his father was around he was often thinking about him. He remembers that at the age of 4, his father had abandoned his mom, brother Rafa and himself because he had dreams of going to the
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