The Broken Heart a Poem by John Donne Essay

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Being a human being comes with several feelings and experiences that shape who we are, some favourable and beneficial some shattering and distressing, one of the most common is that of love, Love is the single most celebrated human emotion, though nevertheless love can end in heartbreak. A broken heart can be considered a painful empty feeling or the writhing of the soul. The Urban Dictionary defines a broken heart as ‘the feeling of complete devastation, and extreme sadness after a break-up of a relationship or loss of a spouse/relative.’ Throughout history, a vast body of literature examines its influences and explores its meanings. Typically, poets and authors examine love's countless virtues. Numerous poets have commented on the nature of love, each poet using their own style to convey their outlook on love. In "The Broken Heart," via John Donne’s outstanding poetry skills Donne reveals his view of love as a powerful, consuming, and cruel force via many language, features. Good morning/afternoon and welcome to the Poetry matters forum, today I will be presenting my seminar on John Donne’s Seventeenth century Sonnet, The Broken Heart. This poem has universal appeal to many people speculating the same thoughts or questions. In my seminar today I will allow analyse you to appreciate the value of poetry and enter Donne’s mind as he expresses his thoughts on the supremacy and prominence of love and heartbreak.
Donne is valuable not simply as a representative writer but also…