The Broken Home By James Merrill

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“The Broken Home” by James Merrill is mostly about a man’s animosity towards his cold-hearted father. One of the main underlying themes of this specific poem is the demeaning actions taken against women in that time period. The main character is raised by his egotistic and maleficent father, whom cared about himself more than anything else in the world. His father was too worried about himself and the money he can make than anything else in his life. The lack of time the main character spent with his father made him realize how he is not the only one mistreated by his father and that women are also being victimized. The main character in “The Broken Home” uses the immoral actions of his father to show how wealthy men mistreated women by using the power and money they have acquired to make those women conform to whatever they demanded.
When growing up the main character saw his father marry many different women. In the poem it is stated that “Each thirteenth year he married. (Lynch)” This shows that his father did not see marriage as a serious commitment that needs to be honored. Furthermore, it suggested that he saw women as objects and felt as if he could cycle through women without getting emotionally attached to any of them because he was too invested in himself. The father is portrayed to be a successful man because he was a senator and is often at the bar inside of the Ritz-Carlton (Lynch). The fact that the father had many wives and was a successful man suggest that…

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