The Bronfenbrenner Theory Essay

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The composition of Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory cultivate a framework to study the numerous connections between the developing child from mother and father relationships to the environment, community settings, cultural influences and financial factors. The four levels of environmental stimuli the micro- , meso- , exo- and macrosystems, each intermingled within one another representing degrees of personal connections. Change and constancy are mediated by the passage of time. The chronosystem is exemplified through connections within the ecological model. The ecological model designed by Bronfenbrenner was a response to what the higher power described as ``the science of the strange behavior of children in strange situations…show more content…
This preposition has been borne out, as consistently high levels of mother-child interaction has resulted in lower incidences of problem behavior in lower-class families (Bronfenbrenner, 1994). Certainly higher achievement outcomes have been seen in higher-class more stable environments. However, I was raised in a middle-class neighborhood, and as an only child, I was the epicenter of the family. The family was headed by my stay at home grandmother, without the influence of an adult male figure or role model. She was a strong woman who ruled her family with an iron fist. However, she was uneducated. Her innocent illiteracy resulted in my limited exposure to books and reading material during my early developmental years. As a result my reading skills fell short of the expected skills of a child entering elementary school. This resulted in my teachers spending extra time with me. Once I began to read, I began to enjoy learning and soon developed an enduring sense of curiosity. Based on Lewin’s field theory (Vander Zanden 2007, p .54,) the ecological model is designed as a series of nested structures, with the child always at the center. The innermost, the micro system is essentially comprised of the face to face interactions between the child and his environment. These connections are stretched out and difficult. Being the only child and requiring additional
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