The Brontë Family

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The Brontë family was full of amazing writers, originating from the father Patrick Brontë. Patrick strived for his children to be the best writers they could be and hoped they would make a career of writing poems, plays, novels and many others types of literature. Patrick and his wife Maria had six children, five girls and one boy. These five girls took a greater liking to writing literature over their brother, Branwell Brontë. Since the Brontë sisters were from this well-known line of Brontë writers, their beautifully written literature did not disappoint their readers, even if it was written during the many tragedies that occurred in their lives (Blom, 1977). Patrick and Maria were Irish parents of their six children named Charlotte, Maria, Emily, Elizabeth, Branwell, and their youngest child named Anne (Blom, 1977, p. 14). They had their Charlotte in 1816 and four years later moved to the isolated town of Haworth where the line of tragedies began. From the way that the children were raised Haworth, they learned how record their lives in a journal that would later be used as reference to tell more about themselves. In this way, Patrick raised them with all the curiosity and intelligence it takes to be a successful writer. Patrick knew what it was like to be this successful writer because he already published two novels by 1813 and 1815. Even though Patrick was a great writer that did not mean that he was a great father. Patrick Brontë neglected his children
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