The Bronx Zoo 's Congo Gorilla Forest

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The research for this assignment was at The Bronx Zoo’s Congo Gorilla Forest. The assignment was to observe the gorilla and the humans observing them, to write a compare and contrast paper. At the exhibition there were two gorilla tribes, one is a bachelor tribe which is all male and the other is Ernie 's tribe, the silverback, he lives with 3-4 female gorillas and two baby gorillas. Low land gorillas are unique animals; they belong to the group of primates and are considered one of closest relative to the human species. In order to do this assignment I observed the gorillas and the humans for the same amount of time and took down notes on their environment, physical appearance, behavior, and social structure. This allows one to realize…show more content…
The trees were mostly placed around the border than it was in the middle of the area. This can make the environment look more spacious since the gorilla is a large animal they need a spacious habitat to roam around. The low land gorillas have unique and specific physical traits. They seem to be less than five feet in height. The female gorillas have faint silver back compared to the male gorillas that have a more distinguishing silver back. Both male and female gorillas have black hair all around their body, except the head which is brown, and their backs. Their hands, legs and arms seem to be large and out of proportion compared to their body. Their toes are as long as their fingers. The female gorillas have saggy long breasts. The saggy breasts can help them maneuver around their environment or help feed their young. One specific gorilla squeezed small drops of milk from her breasts onto her fingers and tasted it. She did it naturally and carefully almost as if she was checking to see if the milk was safe to drink for her baby or maybe, she got bored. They use their hands and feet to grip onto vines and trees and pull themselves up. The gorilla’s strong knuckles help support their upper body, which holds most of their weight. The males are heavier and have a distinctive head shape called a sagittal crest, but one of the females had a slight crest as well.

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