The Bronze And Iron Age Essay

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Question: 1-What Can Homer tell us about the Bronze and Iron Age
The Bronze and Iron Ages were 2 of the main periods in Greek History and Homer can tell us a lot about them. The Bronze Age was all about mixing copper with tin or arsenic to bronze hence it is called the Bronze Age. The Iron Age was when the whole of the east Mediterranean was in crisis. In central Anatolia, the collapse of the Hitties opened the gates to invaders who overran the country.
Firstly, let’s talk about Homer- a lot of the works that he wrote were set in the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Homer is the first known European poet and of such importance to the Greeks. Homer became the basis for Greek education and is still widely read in high schools and universities today. He is the best primary source for knowing what the Greeks were thinking in the eighth century B.C. as they fought each other and sailed across dangerous seas to found new city states in alien lands. Greeks believe that that heroic society described by Homer flourished at a time corresponding to the 13th or early 12th century in our chronology. Homers greatest works are the Iliad and Odyssey. The both tell the story of heroes trying to survive their way through war and other things. Here is just an example of Homer’s poetry “He cast on the fire bronze which is weariness, and tin with it and valuable gold and silver and thereafter set forth upon its standard the great anvil, and gripped “. The poems of Illiad depict the
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