The Bronze Horseman

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Located in the senate square of St. Petersburg Russia stands a statue title "The Bronze Horseman". The statue depicts Peter the Great pointing towards the west in reference to his never-ending quest to bring Russia closer to western civilization. Today that vision is still alive and well, Russia has moved towards a western based civilization. In the last 3 decades, they have denounced communism and have shifted into a free market, democratic society. After poor leadership in the 90's by Boris Yeltsin, Russias people have shown their faith in their new leader Vladamir Putin with hopes that he is Russias new Bronze Horseman.
The end was imminent for the USSR in the late 80's and early 90's. Their current party leader Mikhail Gorbachev foresaw
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Putin displays an image of power that radiates to his people and either strikes fear or inspires hope for a better future for Russia. He began his political march towards the presidency as a KGB operative in Germany in the last few years the USSR remained to stand. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Putin moved back to St. Petersburg and took a job in the mayor's office as an advisor on international affairs. That was when he began his slow crawl to power eventually earning the position of Prime Minister under the presidency of Boris Yeltsin. At the end of Yeltsin's weak and controversial presidency, the Russian people were eager to find a president who was strong and capable of leading Russia to its rightful glory. Putin offered this in the form of a former KGB operative who will ride a bear shirtless and who will meet opposition with no fear. However, keep in mind that not all of Russia supports Putin. Upon Putin's third reelection into presidency, a somewhat violent protest broke out in which 250 people were arrested. Miriam Elder of The Guardian recalls that the protest "began peacefully as more than 20,000 Russians took to the streets" who were also chanting things like "Putin is a thief" (Elder 5). They were later met at Blotnaya square by a heavily reinforced riot police and the riot was eventually de-escalated and protestors eventually…show more content…
After overcoming the hardships that came with communism, the thought of a new system of government was refreshing to the people of Russia. However, Yeltsin spoiled the taste of democracy in the mouths of the Russian people, so their search for their new bronze horseman who will lead them to prosperity greatness that western culture
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