The Brotherhood Of Ice Wine And India Doesn 't Go Back Ages

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MARKET AUDIT AND COMPETETIVE ANALYSIS The tale of the brotherhood of Ice wine and India doesn’t go back ages; it is still fairly new to the composite culture of the country and is making its place firm in a very short period of time. As previously discussed India residing over 1.2 billion residents, being the second most populated nation in the world has approximately one-sixth of the consumer base market. The Indian economy shows scope of tremendous growth in terms of opportunity and development. CUSTOMERS The growing Indian economy dominates the Southern Asian section with its urban centres backed by private sectors which grow not only with its knowledge capacity but also technologically. With the availability of affordable wines and its availability with ease in the market, the wine consumers grow with an amazing potential. India is the house of religions, also known as Hindustan follows Hinduism in majority. Its culture forbids the consumption of drinking, but the influence of western culture has already started making its presence in the market. Such culture has taught the youth to look beyond alcohol into the benefits of wine leading to new wine customers in the market. With one of the fastest expanding middle class with predictions to reach a population of 583 million by 2025 makes it a potential consumer base (Datamonitor, 2010). The status of wine has gained popularity amongst the youth; marking as a fashionable drink amongst them.

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