The Brotherhood of Corps

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The Brotherhood of the Corps On November 10th 1775 in a small tavern just outside of Philadelphia, PA called "Tunn Tavern" a family was started. America, a fledgling nation at the time was in need of an elite, fast moving, amphibious military, one that could be useful in sea to land assaults. The Marine Corps was born, and recruiting for this newfound, elite force began. The Army was for the average man, it was thought of as the branch who would enlist any and all. The Marine Corps operates on a different principle, one that is bold, yet refreshing; "Maybe you can be one of us". I became part of this family at a young age; I was taken under a wing and developed as a human, and as a man. It became part of me, it embedded itself into my…show more content…
All of these things are seen as "sloppy" while in the Marine Corps, and tend to carry with you even afterwards. Most people of my generation tend not to take much pride in something they do which is sad. The Marine Corps teaches you to bust your balls and then take great pride in what you've done. Let it be known that YOU did this, or YOU were a part of this, you get a sense of accomplishment from that. Most people look at the Marine Corps and see the news where Marines are slamming pins into each other's chests like brutal savages and are reluctant to think Marines are hardworking, dedicated people striving to maintain their spot at the top. I have heard several different opinions about the Marine Corps which are not true, but I simply compare that to someone who is on the outside looking in through a foggy window and may think they see something they don't. I take great pride in the fact I am putting myself through college on my own, while also paying my own rent, car payments, and bills. How many of my peers are at the same level of life that I am? Being a Marine is something to be very proud of, it's an extremely tough lifestyle but also very rewarding as described best by the quote I found in a book on the Marine Corps. "The mental and moral qualities of the United States Marine have been tested constantly since the birth of the nation. All through the long history of the Marine Corps there are examples, both in war and
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