The Brothers Grimm 's Fairy Tales

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In the 19th century the Brothers Grimm fairy tales gave us, sex, vengeance, cruelty, crime and murder. When the Brothers Grimm wanted to get across their morals, they used the sex, vengeance, cruelty, crime and murder. For example, in Cinderella the step sisters, cut off parts of their feet to fit into the golden slipper, and The Little Mermaid died at the end of her story. In the 20th Century, we have more of a sugar coated approach to fairy tales. For example, in Cinderella her step sisters, simply tried to squeeze into the glass slipper and Little Mermaid ended up with her prince. Now in the 21st century, the fairy tales have stayed the same but , the style of sci-fi and other horror films and fairy tales have gone back to what it was like in the 19th century with the Brothers Grimm style portraying; sex, vengeance, murder, and crime. This article compares the first volume of Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm to modern fairy tales. It also tells that the stories they have written were much older than the brothers Grimm. It gives a history of the fairy tales and the psychology in fairy tales. This is included because it shows a history of Brothers Grimm and explains where fairy tales originated. Nearly 200 years ago the first volume of Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm was published, but the stories gathered come from a much older oral and written sources. Wilhelm Grimm prolog estimated that some of the fairy tales were already 300 years old then. And today’s folklorist conceder “little
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