The Brown V. Board Of Education

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II have long respected the law’s ability to shape everyday experiences. As part of my fifth grade research paper, I studied the Brown v. Board of Education. My parents were raised in the south and spoke of the educational equities they faced living in a society that supported institutionalized racism. Between listening to their stories and studying the profound socioeconomic and psychological impact segregation had on black and brown children I came away enlightened and thankful. Through that project, I learned the law was not simply a set of statutes and cases, but an embodiment of freedoms that gave me the right and the opportunity to have an equitable chance at success in life where I could be judged based on my abilities and not the amount of melanin in my skin. My goal is to combine the passion for the law that I’ve had ever since learning about the enormity of Brown v. Board of Ed as a fifth grader, with a law degree from the University of Michigan that will give me the skills needed to bring my desires to fruition.
Specifically speaking, my long term career goal is to become general counsel at a non-profit organization in education. In researching this career path, I found that desirable candidates focus on transactional work in a law firm and then serve as in house counsel for a business. While working in the private sector may seem at odds with my ultimate goal of working for a non-profit, I believe it fits within the vision that I have for my life and my people.…

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