The Brown Vs Board Of Education Essay

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The Brown vs Board of Education was a remarkable set of five cases that paved the way for desegregation in schools and eventually resulting in the Civil Rights Act being passed. These cases however weren’t the only catalysts that forced the Supreme Court to question the wording of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and neither were they the only pivotal cases that changed the way America as a whole looked at the black community and how to interact with them. The Plessy vs Ferguson case was one of the first cases that segregation came into question within the Supreme Court. The case involved a man named Homer Plessy, who at the time was only half black,, and refused to sit in a Jim Crow train car. He was always use to being able to pass off as a white male but this situation was different. He was brought before Judge John Ferguson in New Orleans who made an effort to uphold the state law on segregation on public property. The case eventually reached the Supreme Court on the stance that it was in direct contradiction to the 13th and 14th Amendments but was later put to a vote with a result of 7:1 in the favor of the judge. The Supreme Court later determined that the state law did not impede on the 14th amendment due to the fact that the law itself did not imply that either race was inferior but instead was deemed a reasonable regulation. This was the first time that segregation but equal laws became constitutional in the eyes of the Supreme Court. After this verdict,

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