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Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known by his stage name as Eminem, was born on October 17, 1972 in Detroit, Michigan. He is a rapper, songwriter, record producer and an actor. He has been hugely successful, winning fifteen Grammy Awards, and selling more than 172 million albums world wide, making him one of the best selling global artists (“Eminem”, n.d.). He is well known for his clever wordplay as well as his controversial lyrics and multiple stage personalities, like Slim Shady and Stan.
Eminem developed another stage personality, his alter ego, who goes by the name Slim Shady. This character is very sadistic and violent, and raps mainly about rape, drugs, and murder (Elrick, 2000). Slim Shady is also the “evil” side of his persona, and the jokester, when Mathers raps under this name, the songs are funnier, and the subject matter isn’t as serious. This is an example from the song “I’m Shady” “I like happy things, I 'm really calm and peaceful, I like birds, bees, I like people, I like funny things that make me happy and gleeful” (Mathers, Bass, Bass, 1999). This is a stark contrast to what Eminem raps about, as these songs are much more serious. They reflect his depression and the problems that he is having problems coping with. “When I’m Gone” is a song about his conflicts between leaving his daughter for work and having to work, it is one of the saddest songs that he has put out. The fact that Eminem is able to swing between the two extremes is worth noting.
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