The Brute- Smirnov vs. Mrs. Popov Essay

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The Brute- Smirnov vs. Mrs. Popov

In the drama The Brute, Anton Checkov displays how men feel that women treat men, and in the same respect how women feel that men treat women. The portrayal of characters in this drama is somewhat humorous because regardless of the outward expression of the main characters, love is in the air and the expectations of men and women concerning each other are forced aside in the end. To begin, Smirnov enters the play as being someone with complete disrespect for anyone of the opposite sex. He has absolutely no shame in speaking vulgar words such as "idiot" and "damn" or saying inappropriate phrases like "God damn it to hell" in front of a woman; Mrs. Popov in particular. Smirnov acts as if he
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Popov lectures Smirnov about his mannerisms. Smirnov absolutely cannot contain himself and comes back with an extensive remark. He says:
"I've fought three duels on [women's] account...I've played the fool in my time...burning eyes, dark eyelashes, ripe, red lips, dimpled cheeks, heaving bosoms, soft whisperings, the moon above, the lake below...I don't give a rap for that sort of nonsense anymore... women, young or old are false, petty, vain, cruel, malicious, unreasonable...for a man, love is suffering, love is sacrifice..."
These statements give a viewer or reader a significant show of emotion from Smirnov. The fact that he speaks of "burning eyes" and "heaving bosoms" proves that he still thinks about women and their beauty, and is simply trying to give men all the credit for being sacrificing and suffering concerning love. Mrs. Popov, on the other hand, expresses her supposed feelings of men through a depressing attitude rather than rage. She enters the play as being a sad and lonely victim of an unfair marriage and remarks to her footman that "[she is] dead" and "nevermore shall [she] see the light of day, never strip from [her] body this...raiment of death!". The reason behind Mrs. Popov's supposed feeling about men is that her husband "made love to other women before [her] very eyes..." and because of his unfaithfulness, all men hold true the same characteristics as her husband. When seeing Smirnov, Mrs. Popov puts up a complete guard
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