Essay on The Bubonic Plague and the Great Fire of London

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The Bubonic Plague and the Great Fire of London Two disasters struck London during the 1660s with the first being an outbreak of bubonic plague, the last and worst of a series that had started in the 1300s. The latter disaster was the great fire of London in which a Bakery broke out in flames near to the London Bridge when many of London's houses became sources of combustion as the fire took hold of their wooden structures. Various source materials exist for the events of the 1660s which include history books, biographies, autobiographies and narratives, of which one source of history material is…show more content…
"My wife came up suddenly when she caught me embracing Debs with my hand under her coat and in her fanny. She was speechless but looked angry as Debs and I tried to make out nothing had happened. Elizabeth said little but did not sleep all night from her self-punishment that she felt from her now knowing of my betrayal."

Samuel shows little feelings for his wife Elizabeth throughout his diary. As both extracts show his attitude and treatment towards Elizabeth could be common of the attitudes of other men in the 17th century. The stereotypical role for most women was to marry young, also, women were not as well educated as their husbands and were therefore thought of as second class citizens. Other women were not so fortunate and became housemaids rather than marry. As there were arranged marriages in the 17th century Samuel had married Elizabeth, who was fortunate as she was the daughter of a Huguenot (a French protestant). Traditionally marriages were made on social class in relation to status and education, or alternatively it was as a goodwill gesture between families or a business associate. It was very rare that marriages were made for reasons of love and compassion. Elizabeth however was chosen for political reasons, as from looking into Samuels work history and the history up to the 1660's he could have married Elizabeth to help keep peace and promote integration
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