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Gold Standard PBL The Buck Institute for Education (BIE) combined current research and theory with the experience of expert PBL educators to cultivate Gold Standard PBL, a framework for rigorous, high quality PBL design, implementation, and assessment. The term Gold Standard is used in many industries and fields to indicate the highest quality process or product. PBL institutions have adopted the term to indicate the standard of instruction that PBL teachers must strive for, Gold Standard PBL (BIE, 2015). There are seven project design elements centering around the knowledge, understanding, and success skills that students must develop. The elements are challenging problem or question, sustained inquiry, authenticity, student voice and choice, reflection, critique and revision, and public product (Larmer, Mergendoller, & Boss, 2015). Elements of Gold Standard PBL A well designed project begins with what students must learn, and the learning targets are delineated in the content standards of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Students develop conceptual understanding of key knowledge and learn how to apply them to real world situations, to solve problems, answer complex questions and create high quality products. In the process of acquiring knowledge and learning how to apply them, students develop critical thinking skills, learn to work well with others, and become effective self–managers (BIE, 2015). Challenging problem or question. Challenge is critical to
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