The Bucket List

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The Bucket List Felicia Holland BSHS/342 September 1, 2012 Marcy Stern, PhD. The Bucket List The Bucket List is a film about two middle age men who have nothing in common other than that they are both diagnosed with terminal cancer. Edward Cole, a White man, is a billionaire who owns many hospitals. He is a self-made man with a bitter outlook on life. Edward has married and divorced four times, and has no relationship his only child. Carter Chambers, a Black man, is a blue-collar mechanic who once aspired to becoming a history professor until he gave up his dreams to support his growing family. Carter and his wife have been married for 45 years, they have three children. The two men eventually bond as they endure the rigors of…show more content…
2003). There is a general belief that it is a sign of weakness for a man to express his emotions or display a need for support in times of stress. However, the expression of emotion has been associated with physical and emotional health benefits. People who write about their thoughts and emotions regarding a traumatic experience derive enhanced physical and emotional benefits from the practice (Zakowski, et al. 2003). It is Carter’s introspection about his cancer diagnosis and prognosis that leads him to begin to develop the bucket list. In the film the two main characters form a support network by discussing their thoughts about their cancer and the way that society reacts to people with cancer. Rather than focusing on their differences they bond through their similarities. They do not want their disease to define who they are. A Lifeworld In the biomedical approach a terminal diagnosis is thought of as the end-of-life rather than the end of living (Wrubel, Acree, Goodman, & Falkman 2009). People who have terminal cancer benefit from continuing to live their lives as long as they are physically and mentally capable of doing so (Wrubel, et al., 2009). Edward and Carter take their bucket list and go on living life to the fullest. During the course of their travels the two men continue to explore their feelings and thoughts about life. They address three areas of concern that relate to their core values, relationship issues,
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