The Bucket List Is A Movie About Two Individuals Pursuing

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The Bucket List is a movie about two individuals pursuing lifelong dreams before they pass away. Jack Nicholson plays Edward Cole and Morgan Freeman plays Carter Chambers. Both of these men have been diagnosed with a strong case of cancer. After treatment and surgery they are both given bad news about their outcome. During their stay at the hospital these two men share a room. They form a close relationship and enjoy each other’s company, spite a rocky beginning. After receiving the bad news about their diagnosis, Carter and Edward decide to fulfill Carter’s bucket list while also adding some items along the way. Edward and Carter spend many weeks traveling the globe before Carter decides he wants to go home. After being home only a couple…show more content…
Towards the end of the movie Edward returns to his daughter’s house not only to see her but he was introduced to his granddaughter. Edwards past relationships have also caused him to keep himself closed off from other people. He states at Carter’s funeral that “Carter’s last months of life were the best months of his.” Carter was the first person Edward had opened up to and allowed into his life. His marriages that ended badly caused Edward not to trust people and keep to himself in order to not get hurt. After Carter’s death Edward became a more open and accepting person. In my personal opinion, Edward seems to be stuck in the past harboring hard feelings of bitterness and regret. As he goes on this journey he starts reflecting back and figuring out how to repair his mistakes. Carter’s death was a major turning point for Edward which caused him some life changing decisions. He makes amends with his daughter and becomes involved in her life. He lets go of all the bad feelings he is still carrying from his failed marriages. By releasing all those built up emotions he becomes a more open and caring person for the people around him. I believe that Edward’s main problem is creating and maintaining healthy relationships. Edward does not have any close relationships with anyone because he does not allow people to become close to him. A theory that goes a long with this is relational theory. Hutchinson

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