The Buddha And The Founder Of Buddhism

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After reading the book and doing some online research which you can check below under sources which is where I got all my information. I have read and completely understood the story of Siddhartha also known as the Buddha the founder of Buddhism. And one of the stories from a different religion that I can compare to the story of Siddhartha Gautama Is the story of Jesus Christ. The founder of Christianity and is the most famous myth in Christian religion. I can compare both because of the way Buddha and Jesus was born. They both came from a different country and womb but they do have the similarities of how they were both born. Like Jesus, Siddhartha was believed to be a miracle child from an unknown deity. As for Jesus case, it was the…show more content…
They were both a prince and both of them had married have a family and a child. Which they both abandoned and casted away from after their eyes had been opened to the reality of the world. They both traveled seeking for teachings, truth, enlightenment, liberation and inner peace. They both practiced extreme asceticism, begged for food and last but not least they found the answers they’ve been looking for while they’re meditating. In Buddha’s case, he sat under the Bodhi tree. Starving and weakening and while meditating “he reached a state of profound understanding, called his Awakening, or Enlightenment (bodhi)". He saw suffering, aging, and death in a new way, recognizing them as an inevitable part of life, but also seeing the possibility of release”. (Molloy, 2012) This is where Siddhartha got the name Buddha means “the Awaken One” taken from a Sanskrit word “to wake up”. On the other hand, on Mahavira’s case, He spent 12 years doing hundreds of meditations and fasting Mahavira was able to attain the total freedom from the cycle of birth, life, pain, misery, and death itself. “He achieved the permanent blissful state of one’s self which is also known as the great liberation (Moksha) meaning the absolute freedom”. And right after their enlightenment and the great liberation. They both lived the rest years of their lives preaching their faith and belief to people. Furthermore, also passing down this faith and teaching it to their
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