The Buddhist Way Of Life

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1- For many, there is nothing more terrifying than facing the end of their life with few exceptions. One of these exceptions would be the Buddhist way of life and their perspective of death. Buddhist gained popularity in the U.S. as another pathway to inner peace and means of a healthy way to view both life and death as one cannot exist without the other. Though this perspective may at first seems optimistic, quite to the contrary Buddha proclaimed that life itself was all suffering in a long, cyclical chain of death and rebirth. Compared to Western religions and philosophies, Buddhism is on the opposite side of the scale with lacking the belief than every man and woman is born with the original sin. Instead, every man, woman and child are born into dharma which is an unavoidable law of nature. This law of nature is the means to finding a fulfilling and happy life to combat the suffering that life brings. Buddha provides ways to find this ultimate happiness that releases you from the wheel of rebirth and death even if you are born into the most unfortunate situation. Though Buddha is not considered a deity, he is the main influence and center of worship of his teachings and knowledge shared for generations. These teachings focus on internal betterment while emphasizing that the only way to this improvement is through yourself and not through others nor materialistic means like money. Self-realization according to this school of thought, is first understanding…

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