The Budget System of Kyrgyzstan

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I. Introduction
In this paper I am going to explain budget system of Kyrgyzstan. The government budget is one of the main instruments for implementing public policy. Any budget system focused on achieving the following global objectives: economic efficiency, social justice, political stability, rule of law and strengthening the unity of the state.
Kyrgyzstan is quite young country as it became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991 after its collapse. Situation was uncertain as it was decided to choose a way of transition from centrally planned to market economies. This transition has become fatal for the economy as a whole. After it became independent, the country had to change the whole system. This has affected all sectors of the economy.
Country started the reform of public administration and development of independent fiscal policy. The transition from a planned economy to a market demanded a radical revision of views on the role of the government in the new conditions. Under the influence of international institutions embarked on a democratization of political systems and decentralization of public administration.
II. Budget Determination
1. Fiscal Position after Collapse
The state budget covers the operations of the republican government and six regional oblast authorities. It reflects net transfers to extra budgetary fund (mainly the Social Fund) and state enterprises. Starting in 1998, the Public Investment Program (PIP) has been incorporated into the

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