The Buffalo State Barnes & Noble Book Store

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My first transaction was on January 25, 2016 at the Buffalo State Barnes & Noble Book Store. This transaction was to buy a book for class. The Buffalo state book store has a wide range of merchandise, including textbook rental, new, used, and digital textbooks; trade books; special-order books; emblematic clothing; art, school, and office supplies; greeting cards; gifts; and computer supplies. Although it is very convenient their prices for their items are relatively high, and for that reason I did not purchase the book from the school store. The sales representative I worked with was a student at Buffalo State College. I did make a purchase at the end of the encounter. The sales transaction at Buffalo State was very professional and also…show more content…
She did use FAB when she offered other options for books. The feature was a hard cover book, a book with no cover, and an online book. She explained the advantages and benefits of each. This explanation is the reason for my final decision. She stated that buying the book online without the hard cover would cost less than the hard cover. She also said that having the physical book may be better than having the online book because it allows me to do multiple things such as bring it to class, and writing and highlighting in it. She asked me was that something that I was willing to try and I said yes. She gave me the website and I made the purchase on a website, but not the school store. I do think that her selling method was great but one thing that I would recommend she do next time is to introduce herself or tell me her name, so I can properly communicate. I may have wanted to give her tell her manager how great she did but I could not because she did not present her name to me. Walmart 1 Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. I made two transactions at Walmart, in two separate days. On February 5, 2016 I went to buy a laptop fan and on March 4, 2016 I went to buy plate sets. I’ll begin with the transaction made on February 5, 2016. My first transaction was with Larry and he is a sales associate with Walmart and he works in the electronics department. At the end of my
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