The Building A Prison For Those Who Didn 't Quality

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Upon arrived to TALA, I was greeted by an astonishing monumental architecture. The symmetry of the building was elegant and well complimented by its weathered look. It is difficult to imagine that this very building had once housed the mentally ill. I had never seen such a facility before and thus expected something less remarkable. As I stood admiring the building, I noticed the multitude of windows it contained. Upon further examination, I noticed the bars surrounding them and suddenly realized that the illusion of paradise was in reality a prison for those who dwelled here. I was surprised to learn how many people were housed in this building and likewise shocked to discover what passed as mentally insane during the 19th century. The criteria used to determine mental illness were nonexistent and arbitrary. I was extremely concerned when the tour guide mentioned kids being born and raised in TALA. It was also distressing to learn that people who didn’t quality as having mental problems were also placed into such a facility. In contrast, it was interesting to learn that the community had openly embraced TALA as part of their home to the extent that a high school prom was held inside the building. This helped me to recognize that TALA was more than just an insane asylum, it was truly home to those living inside and outside its walls. As I progressed through the tour, I discovered that I was unaware of the many practices of insane asylums, especially the methods used in…
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