The Building And Its Environment

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Architecture is the study of the building and its environment, and it aims to summarize the experience of human construction activities in order to guide the creation of architectural design, construct some kind of shape in the environment and so on.Content architecture typically includes technical and artistic aspects.Architectonic is defined as “resembling architecture, especially in its highly organized manner ortechnique of structure”in other words,it talks how to build buildings.
As early as in primitive society,people started to build with trees,stones because people wanted to avoid raining and animals.This is the earliest architectonic. There are many types of buldings with the development of society.Building technology improves a lot.The image of buildings also change a lot. Aboriginal lived in the cave. [History of Architecture].With the development of agriculture, humans began to build simple houses with earth and rock vegetation and other natural materials. This construction activity transformed into the natural environment, the artificial environment suitable for living, and promote the development of human society.Human living environment consciously create their accumulated knowledge, sum up experience, innovation, and gradually formed the architecture.
The purpose of this parper is to introduce styles of buildings existing in the world in terms of their characteristics and different purposes they are used for. Today our life…
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