The Building And Its Environment

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introduction Architecture is the study of the building and its environment, and it aims to summarize the experience of human construction activities in order to guide the creation of architectural design, construct some kind of shape in the environment and so on.Content architecture typically includes technical and artistic aspects.Architectonic is defined as “resembling architecture, especially in its highly organized manner ortechnique of structure”in other words,it talks how to build buildings. As early as in primitive society,people started to build with trees,stones because people wanted to avoid raining and animals.This is the earliest architectonic. There are many types of buldings with the development of…show more content…
But we need to know how to use buildings and each building features.These three renowned architectural style influenced our current building, we need to understand their history. They give a lot of human architectural inspiration. When we travel to various parts of the world we can feel these great buildings and what they bring to us a profound impact. Guided Research Gothic architecture First, it is necessary to talk about the gothic architecture. Gothic architecture, also called Gothic building, which was similar with France architectural style arose around 1140.Glassie Henry.(2000). It evolved from the Romanesque, was inherited by the Renaissance buildings’ style. Gothic architecture is mainly used in churches, popular in Europe in the late Middle Ages. The style of Gothic architectural is tall and slim. With excellent building skills, Gothic architecture have a significant impact on development of other arts. Gothic cathedral has been included in UNESCO World Heritage Site, becoming a special research area of cathedral and churches. The features of Gothic building is towering minarets, pointed arches, large windows which are painted with biblical story of stained glass.The framework increase the strength of support at the top and create the whole building with extraordinary appearance and enlarge the church space. For trimming with colored glass with long windows, the sense of the church is religious and mysterious. In 12th
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