The Building Code ( Bca / Ncc )

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Question 3 (500 words)
The building code (BCA/NCC) provides requirements for some locations in Australia to build houses above normal standard or with special precautions to combat extreme weather, natural disasters and other such events. Research and identify a locality in Australia which has these additional requirements for the construction of new houses and present a report detailing:
1. The location with special building requirements.
2. Why these special building requirements are in place and what extreme weather, natural disasters etc they were based upon.
3. Provide at least five examples of specific examples (related to building elements) in the special building requirements.

Due to extreme weather conditions some locations in Australia have additional requirements for buildings, for example building standards in north Queensland require that buildings must be designed to maintain structural integrity when subjected to winds produced by a category 4 cyclone. During a cyclone the common places for failure is doors, windows, roofing and external structures like sheds or garages, in order to achieve building approval in this area you must prove that your plans meet the specifications described by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). (QLD Reconstruction, 2014)

Cyclone Rated Housing
Cyclones of category 4 have wind speeds ranging from 225km/h up to 280km/h, the building code states that if your land is within a high risk cyclone area than construction of
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