The Building Of Building A Building

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The building envelope is the building shell or enclosure that separates the interior of a building with the outdoor environment. This physical separator serves as an important component to maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment by transferring the air, water, heat, light and noise. The components of an envelope typically include walls, fenestration, floors, roof and doors with additional parts such as thermal insulation and shading devices. As discussed above, the climate is an important factor when designing a building. A well-designed envelope with high performance should be accustomed to the local climate. Accordingly, there are arid climate envelope, tropical climate envelope, cold envelope and mixed cold/hot climate envelope which may be composed of components such as sheets and blocks. The building envelope have a big influence on whole building’s energy usage. An energy effective building envelope design saved as much as 35% and 47% of total and peak cooling demands respectively. At the same time building code requirements on envelopes have increased significantly. Although the codes and standards used in local and state level of government varies in place, they all derivate from ASHRAE and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).
Walls are a major part of a building envelope and are expected to maintain a thermal and acoustic comfort inside the building. The crucial performance factor of the wall is thermal resistance (R-value) since it
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