The Building Sector Affects The Society

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Executive Summary
The building sector affects the society in various ways: economically, socially, naturally, and built environmentally. In a more direct or indirect manner, the various building activities including designs, construction, use, refurbishments, as well as demolition of the buildings affects the environmental performance differently. In bringing environmental issue into the context, it is true that a feature of environmentally sustainable is not only comfortable to occupy, but also consume small amount of energy. Studies argue that the major goal of sustainable design involves reducing or ultimately eliminating depletion of natural resources and degradation of environment due to the infrastructures and facilities made by man. Although various factors are barriers, this situation calls for a better ways of approaching the building activities that are environmentally sustainable. Building policies plays critical role in reducing environmental impacts although little research has been done as far as this sector is concerned. These policies should focus on codes for environmental sustainability of building designs that establishes better planning practices, designing as well as constructing buildings with environmental concerns of the impacts of the build structures (Davies, 2004).
This paper is divided on its aims that consider the facets of heat transmissions though building elements like walls, ceilings, and floor. Secondly, the paper looks into the solar
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