The Bullied Indian Valedictorian By Sherman Alexie

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Brandon Borrego
Professor Flores
English 1301 M21
28 Oct. 2015
The Bullied Indian Valedictorian A rough childhood would be an understatement when talking about a minority child’s. Sherman Alexie’s “Indian Education” illustrates the life of a young Native American boy from early 1st grade, to the final moments he walked down to get his diploma. Along the way we are confronted by challenging suspects who test his patience and character. Being bullied in first grade, Victor tries to gain respect by having a physical confrontation with his teasers. Little does this do, because for the next two years, it continues. When in fourth grade, one of his teachers places the thought into his head of him becoming a doctor. The following year his cousin start to abuse rubber cement, and is being a negative role model on young Victor. Once in middle school, Victor then attends a school in a nearby town where many of the people are completely different compared to his last educational institution. Being that many of the “white girls” are bulimic, Victor feels a great culture shock and even confronts one girl and then states to her, “Give me your lunch if you’re just going to throw it up.” Once he is in his late high school years, Victor, the basketball champ, passes out at a school dance and is rushed to the hospital where he is diagnosed with diabetes. His teacher was quick to think the worst when he questioned if he had been drinking, since he “[knew] all about these Indian kids…start
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