The Bullies And Victims Article Focus On The Problems Of Bullying

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The Bullies and victims article focus on the problems of bullying in the United Kingdom. Bullying is not just a problem in the United Kingdom; it’s a serious issue throughout the world. When analyzing the incidences that occurred with Mark, Sarah, Theresa, Simon, and Debbie, these attacks were alarming since they were vicious where some of the victims suffered an injury from being physically assaulted. The brutality of these attacks deserves punishment since the bullies used physical aggression and verbal aggression to harass and torment their victims. Unfortunately, these acts went unpunished since the victims were afraid to report the incidents in fear of retaliation and school administration refused to take further action. The extent of bullying can have a psychological and emotional effect where victims can struggle academically due to the repeated abuse. In addition, victims may become truants and not attend school to avoid the constant harassment and torment of bullies. Furthermore, when victims are abused repeatedly, they may feel hopeless and helpless, which can lead to depression. Faculty and staff will encounter many challenges trying to eradicate bullying, which is a major problem in society. Bullying is a form of unwanted aggressive behavior towards victims who are vulnerable and unable to defend themselves from bullies. Bullies who are bigger and stronger can use physical aggression to impose their size and intimidate their victims. Moreover, they can use
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