The Bully Generation : The Worst Fear Of A Parent Essay

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The Bully Generation The worst fear of a parent is to lose her or his child. With increasing rates of school bullying, more children are being placed at risk of suicide. Parents do anything for their child to grow healthy, happy and smart. They do a lot of sacrifices to provide for their child, so he or she can be in a good school, eat a healthy diet, and be protected from the obvious dangers of life. Some parents would move to an area with better schools or even pay high tuition just so their child can attend private school. However, parents cannot protect children from what they do not know about. News history reveals cases of bullying that occurred in private, without the child even revealing what was taking place before he took the final step to stop the nightmare and commit suicide. That is why bullying needs to be taken very seriously and ultimately stopped at all not only in person and online, but in any environment that children participate in. Bullying has been around for as long as people remember. In the country, 1 out of 7 students in the K-12 is either a bully or being bullied. In addition, 75% of school-shooting incidents are the result of bullying (Magro). Annually, 3 million students become victims of bullying (Chatel). Out of these cases, students who make the decision to commit suicide is an extreme case of bullying, the way children experience the whole situation, is another reason that bullying has to be stopped. Regardless how few cases result in
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