The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystanders by Barbara Coloroso

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In Chapters Three and Four of The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystanders, internationally recognized speaker and author, Barbara Coloroso (2010), explored the roles of the bullied and the bystanders when bullying occurs.. In Chapter Three, she smashed any stereotypes of bullied children as being weak, a loser, or as having somehow “asked” to be bullied (p. 41). She clearly established that any child can be a target (pp.42-43) and explained how shame can prevent a child from asking for help (pp. 47-49). Then she outlined warning signs of a child who is being bullied and factors that play into “bullycide” or violence (pp. 49-61). Meanwhile in Chapter Four, she emphasized the important role that the bystanders play in bullying. She noted that…show more content…
53). Furthermore, the presentation of Chapters Three and Four was excellent. Coloroso organized the information well, supported her assertions, and made the topic easy to understand. She provided useful tools for identifying children who are being bullied (Coloroso, 2012, pp. 49-52), and explanations of why bystanders don't intervene (pp. 62-67), while emphasizing that kids must “recognize that they are responsible for helping to create a safe, caring, respectful, and bully-free environment” (p. 70). With that said, if this student was writing about bullying for conflict resolution students, she would use much of the same terminology and foundational points, but would structure the text differently. Although Coloroso offers suggestions for helping a child who has been bullied, as well as tips for helping bystanders become witnesses in Chapters Seven and Eight, this writer would include those suggestions within the original chapters rather than making readers wade through the other chapters to get to the “meat” of what they can do. In addition, this cohort member would reference more scholarly sources and provide citations at the end of each chapter to encourage further study for readers. While Coloroso's text seems to be targeted
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