The Burdensome Issue Of Social Media

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Jessica Lardenoit AP English Literature Ms. Young P. 1 February 19, 2015 Satire The most burdensome issue society faces today results from our obsessive need to be connected to electronics and social media. This issue stems into many aspects of our daily lives. What was once thought to be an exciting advancement has now caused a myriad of problems in society. Today’s generation is faced with the rising levels of obesity, lack of focus, poor communication skills, which in turn has created a far less intellectual society. With the internet, smart phones, video games, movies, television and numerous other technological advancements improving daily, the youth in our society are becoming corrupt. They are becoming desensitized, uninspired, and underqualified. We are shaping the newest generations to become dull robots who just conform to the latest, greatest fads. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are becoming tools to drain the intelligence of adolescences until they only converse with instant messaging lingo. It is an instrument for teenagers to become secluded from society where they only spend time in their rooms and online. With the pressure from their peers to update their statuses every few minutes, teenagers focus more on what 140 character message they will send out next, instead of what school work they have. They care more about what selfie to post instead of spending valuable time with their families. Television and video games have sucked

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