The Bureaucratic Approaches Of Leadership

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“Leadership is the process of directing, controlling, motivating, and inspiring staff towards the realization of stated organizational goals.” (Clegg, Kornberger & Pitsis 2011, p. 126). The bureaucratic approaches of leadership were task performance alone, however, post-bureaucratic approaches are now focused on employee participation, satisfaction and transformation. “Ethics is understood as reflecting on and recommending concepts of right and wrong behaviour” (Clegg, Kornberger & Pitsis 2011, p. 404). In businesses now days it seems as though the financial aspect and ethical conduct can not be united, therefore, one aspect must be compromised for the other one to be achieved successfully. As a leader in the post-bureaucratic era it is important to find that balance between the financial and ethical aspects of the business. In this essay I will discuss how leadership contributes to the management of sustainability through ethics and corporate social responsibility with in the post-bureaucratic era. In the first part I will explain how leadership is culturally variable relating to the ethical issues in the GLOBE project. In the second part I will discover the relationship of ethical leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility. The third part will consist of a in depth analysis of … article. In the fourth part I will justify how leadership contributes to corporate social responsibility. The fifth part will explain the role of the leader/owner of a business in achieving…
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