The Bureaucratic System Of Public Administration

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Introduction “How Kristin Died” is a prime example of one of the many issues inherent within the bureaucratic system and the misfortunes that can stem from it. This case forever changed the lives of those involved and unfortunately resulted in the death of Kristin Lardner, a 21 year-old college student, at the hands of Michael Cartier, her estranged boyfriend. It is important to public administration because public administration contains many issues of hierarchy and redundancy. Public administration also has the power to mold the environments where it is present in many ways. This case is strongly related to organizational theory, the relationship organizations have with the environment and how individuals behave within. When presented, the information within the case surrounding the details of Kristin’s death proves that had the bureaucracies involved taken the necessary preventative measures, this tragedy may not have occurred. The main individuals of this case include: Kristin Lardner, Michael Cartier, Tom Case and Rose Ryan. Although others were involved, these individuals had the most influence within the case. Although Lardner was originally from Washington, DC, this event takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, where she attends college in the early 1990’s. History Cartier showed signs of trouble very early on. As a child it is stated that he would light matches behind a gas stove, and even mutilated his pet rabbit. Due to these acts, Cartier’s mother sent
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