The Burial at Thebes

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This play is ultimately concerned with one person defying another person and paying the price. Antigone went against the law of the land, set by the newly crowned King Creon. Antigone was passionate about doing right by her brother and burying him according to her religious beliefs even though Creon deemed him a traitor and ordered him to be left for the animals to devour. Creon was passionate about being king and making his mark from his new throne. Although they differed in their views, the passion Creon and Antigone shared for those opinions was the same, they were equally passionate about their opposing views. Creon would have found it very difficult to see that he had anything in common with Antigone however as he appears to be…show more content…
The need to show power before reason is prevalent in both these characters. Even when faced with reasonable arguments against their courses of action they still went ahead and acted in the same way. Creon took advice from the elders and President Bush took advice from the people looking for WMDs. Colin Powell, in May 2001 informed his President and the nation that “even though we have no doubt in our mind that the Iraqi regime is pursuing programs to develop weapons of mass destruction, I think the best intelligence estimates suggest that they have not been terribly successful." The war on terror is now justified by the White House administration as having been in response to Saddam Hussein’s human rights record and not down to a reasonable threat of attack and the use of WMDs. The difference between Creon and Bush is that Creon stood alone in his bad decision making, George W Bush took the UK, Australia and Poland along with him. This desire to show power was never more obvious than when, in January 2003 a meeting took place at the White House at which George W Bush and Tony Blair allegedly discussed how they could look for alternative ways to provoke a war after full disclosure about any weapons Iraq held was not forthcoming. The other similarity between these two characters is the need to go ‘one up’ on their predecessor. Creon is the new king and desperate to make himself feared and respected, George W Bush,
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