The Buried Giant, By Kazou Ishiguro

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Is having any type of memory important in our daily lives? If so, which do you remember the most of? In Kazou Ishiguro’s novel, The Buried Giant, Ishiguro deals with a couple named Axl and Beatrice, who go into an adventure where they meet other characters such as a young Saxon warrior Edwin. One theme that is constantly brought upon in the novel is the relevance of memory as a whole. Even though the meaning of family is evident between the elderly couple, Beatrice and Axl, Ishiguro generates a society and specifically for Axl, Beatrice, and Edwin where memory is lost and dreaded, thereby creating the importance of memory signifying that we should value others and what we remember by using abnormal dreams, remembering thoughts that unite…show more content…
Since the cloak badger is tight around her symbolizes that Beatrice has a special intimate connection with Axl, because she is wearing this garment that is physically protecting her body. Therefore, Beatrice is implying that she cannot let go of him. The caterpillar represents Axl who is “crawling” away from her instead of being with her forever. As a result, Beatrice unconsciously fears that her husband may eventually depart her. It is evident in this example, that memory has a connection with dreams, by showing that we are able to incorporate values into people not only through a conscious state of mind, but also unconsciously through dreams. Therefore, the dream reinforces the anxious fear of not only losing someone physically, but also mentally. In addition, the current memory between Beatrice and Axl brings them together. Even though memory is not the greatest attribute of Axl, he tends to remember some positive ideas he learned from others. Axl utters, “The time I’m thinking of, you had on the green cloak, and it was some festival day, and this same stranger, seeing I was your protector, turned to me and said, she’s the loveliest vision I’ve seen so you be sure to take very good care of her my friend” (Ishiguro 77-78). The quote demonstrates the memory that has potential to create value into other people, but only when it is remembered clearly. Considering that Axl does remember this
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